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Tudor Habib Ltd
International Trading Agents - Established since 1928 - RC964/1978
Beirut-Lebanon office::Block C, ground floor, Gis/foz, Queens Plaza, Autostrade Sinnelfil, Bauchrieh, Beirut, Lebanon              
Tel: 00-961-3-211277,Fax 00-961-6-432491 , Email: samhabib@gmail.com 

Tripoli-Lebanon Office Gumeizat Str. - Habib bldg. - 4th flr. - P.o.box 125 - Tripoli - Lebanon
Tel: 00-961-6-431769 / 00-961-3-211277 Fax 00-961-6-432491 Email: samhabib@inco.com.lb, tudorhabib@gmail.com


Our Product List

Refined Bleached Deodorized Palmkernel olein 12.5kgs  and 25kgs drums Malaysian origin

Refined Bleached Deodorized Coconutoil 2kgs, 3.5kgs, 12.5 kgs drums Malaysian origin

 All kind of Edible oils, all sizes Malaysian and Egyptian and Turkish origins

Canned white meat tuna Tongol in oil 200grsx48/ctn easyopen solidpack Thailand origin

Canned light meat tuna Skipjack in oil 185grsx48/ctn easyopen chunks Thailand origin

Canned light meat tuna Skipjack in oil 185grsx48/ctn easyopen flakes Thailand origin

Canned Sardines in oil (or chili) 125grsx50 or 125grsx100 easyopen lithographed tins Moroccan, Indonesian, Chinese, Peruvian, Tunisian origins

Beef Luncheon meat lithographed tins 198grsx48 , 340grsx24 China Brazil and Argentine Origin

Corn kernels in brine easyopen tins 340grsx24 vacuum packed, or 3000grsx6 , China or Thailand or Vietnam origin

Tea opa, fbopf1, op, pekoe grades tea in 10kgs bags/ cartons Srilanka / Vietnam origins 

Fruit Coktail in juice 850grsx24 china origin greek origin argentina origin

Pineapple Slices in juice 567grsx24

Full cream milk powder 26-28 min fat 25kgs bags origin europe, china, south america

Pulses origin turkey

Sesame oil origin turkey

Halawa origin turkey

Marmalade origin turkey

Instant dry yeast 450grs vacuum packed china origin

Sunflower oil / Soyabeanoil / Cornoil 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 20L  and bulk , origin egypt / Turkey / Argentine / belgium / Holland

Safety Matches origin Sweden, China, India, Pakistan

Detergents and Cosmetics all kind of home and personal use, origin china, UAE, Lebanon

Charcoal, candles, lighters, camping gaz cartridges,  etc...

All kind of Food and Commodities products worlwide origin





In addition to providing commodity products, we also provide daily quotation on our products
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Product List

Pricing cnf, cif or fob depends on shipping costs and quantity ordered. We do provide each product in a basic form with the possibility of additional features. In doing so, we guarantee reasonable prices and allow you the option to custom design your products.

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To order products, call
Mr. Samir Habib
Beirut-Lebanon office:

Block C, ground floor, Gis/foz, Queens Plaza, Autostrade Sinnelfil, Bauchrieh, Beirut, Lebanon ,Tel: 00-961-3-211277,Fax 00-961-6-432491 , Email: samhabib@gmail.com  

Tripoli-Lebanon Office:

4th Floor - Habib Bldg - 12,Gumeizat street - P.o.box 125 - Tripoli - Lebanon ,Tel: 00-961-6-431769 / 00-961-3-211277 Fax 00-961-6-432491 Email: tudorhabib@gmail.com,  samhabib@inco.com.lb

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